At the Y, we believe health and fitness means taking care of the whole you, spirit, mind and body, and we know that even small changes can make a big difference. We're invested in your health and helping you meet your goals, whether that means losing weight, gaining strength or simply finding ways to increase energy and decrease stress.



Join us for a FREE Member Program! Stay active this Spring and win great prizes! Make healthy living a habit. Let’s strive for 3 months of consistent visits to the Y. Program runs March-May. Get all the program details here!



Teams of 2 will compete to see who can lose the largest percentage of weight in this 3 month weight loss program for YMCA members. Teams will be weighed in by Wellness Center staff at the start of the program, again in the first week of February and the first week of March, then finally at the end of the program.     

FREE CONSULTATION: Each team can meet with a YMCA Certified Personal Trainer! Request a consultation on the registration form. Consultations are by appointment only.

Team with the greatest percentage of weight loss will win cash! All calculations and/or ties will be determined by the YMCA Wellness Director. No refunds.

Program runs January 6-April 6 - EXTENDED DUE TO CLOSURE.


Ages 10-15

$20 per team - WINNING TEAM GETS $200!!

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Ages 16 and up

$40 per team - WINNING TEAM GETS $500!!

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Contact Rosalinda if you wish to take an introduction class for Zumba, Spin or BodyPump. Click here for more information



Our friendly and knowledgeable fitness staff are ready and willing to coach you by creating a plan that fits your goals. Schedule an orientation today with the front desk to get started on a healthier you.


We offer many options when it comes to weight training. The facility houses weight racks, benches, free weights and Nautilus Nitro weight equipment.


There's something for EVERYONE in our Group Exercise Classes. Certified Instructors lead classes for anyone from beginner to well advanced. See our Group Exercise Schedule for detailed class descriptions and try one today. All classes are included in YMCA Membership! 

We offer tons of different group fitness classes! Ages 12 and older permitted in group fitness classes, if space allows. Parent must stay in class with youth.

March Group Fitness Schedule

Class descriptions

TEENFIT BOOTCAMP - TeenFit is a 1 hour class designed for students ages 12-15 or 6th-9th grades. Each class will have a different arrangements of body weight HIIT and stretching exercises, and will include the option to use hand weights, resistance bands, BOSU balls and other equipment that will tone up or tone down the workout. Click here for more information.

Y45 BOOT CAMP - NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. This 45 minute body weight, HiiT inspired class, is focused on turning strength training into a fat burning, calorie blasting cardio workout. 

HATHA YOGA - This 60 minute class involves breath, body and mind utilizing controlled breathing exercises, yoga poses (asanas) and meditation. Click here for more information. 

YIN & YANG YOGA - NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. This class will be a balance between both styles of yoga, blending both Yin and Yang yoga styles combined with breath work and meditation into one transformational and moving practice.

BATTLEBOD - This class uses simple combinations of kickboxing movements to create a fun core focused workout that tones your whole body. There are modifications for every skill and fitness level. Click here for more information.

YOGA - This class will offer sessions that focus on Deep Stretching, Flexibility, Relaxation, Strength, Balance, Power etc. You may need to be prepared to hold the poses for an extended period of time finding strength from your breath and focusing on proper alignment or you may experience a total relaxation of the mind body and spirit. Working through different teachings of YOGA. Click here for more information

PiYO® - This class combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of Yoga. We crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean, and incredibly defined. Click here for more information. 

STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING - NOT ON THE SCHEDULE AT THIS TIME. This class uses a timed method for all our circuits so everyone starts and finishes together. We work and function as one because now your part of a dynamic boot camp team! 

KETTLEBELL - Offered 5 days a week! Work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, developing strength and muscular endurance and efficient caloric expenditure. Click here for more information

SPINNING - High energy indoor cycling led by a certified motivating instructor. This class is a great cardiovascular workout. Pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and many other challenging drills and exercises. All levels are welcome.

ZUMBA - Dance your way to a fit you with exciting and unique dance moves and rhythms.

ZUMBASENTAO - Combines strength and resistance training with innovative dance moves using a chair.

ZUMBA TONING - Offers the best of both worlds….the exhilarating experience of a Zumba Fitness-Party with the benefits of safe-and-effective strength training. It’s an easy-to-follow, health-boosting dance-fitness program for baby boomers as well as beginners. Through dynamic lightweight resistance training and exciting international rhythms, Zumba Toning classes help participants build muscle strength, increase bone density, and improve mobility, posture and coordination.

ZUMBABASIC - Active older adults who are looking for a modified Zumba® class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity. Class focuses on all elements of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular conditioning, flexibility and balance!

BODYPUMP - Offered 9 times a week! The original Les Mills barbell class that will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body fast! Click here for more information

STRONG - High Intensity Interval Training. Click here for more information

TURBOKICK - Real kickboxing moves, calorie-blasting HITT training, and body-weight exercises. Click here for more information

GLUTE SALUTE - Build a stronger booty and core with this glute and ab blaster! Click here for more information

SILVERSNEAKERS CARDIOFIT– Aerobics class that’s safe, heart healthy and gentle on the joints.

SILVERSNEAKERS MUSCULAR STRENGTH AND RANGE MOVEMENT – Increase muscular strength, range of movement and activity of daily living skills.



Children are required to be signed in by their parent/guardian. 

ZUMBAKIDS - Ages 4-12. An explosion of music, dance and energy! A fun and healthy program that keeps your youth active. Classes are Monday and Wednesday from 5:30pm-6:15pm. Click here for more information

POUNDKIDS - Ages 4-12. Rock out with Pound! A full body drumming workout that uses drumsticks (Ripstix). Classes are Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30pm-6:15pm. Click here for more information


The fitness area is ONLY available to 10-15 year olds who have successfully completed the Youth and Teen Strength Training course. The program teaches proper gym etiquette and use of the equipment. A successful completion of the session permits usage of these fitness areas only while a parent/guardian/adult is in the facility. Click here for more information.

Class begins at 1:30 and ends at 5:00 pm. It's held on the first and third Sunday of each month. Participants must register by the Wednesday before.

$35 per person.

Available to members only. Proper exercise attire required. Phones will be collected by the instructor at the beginning of class and returned at the end.



Individualized personal exercise workout with a certified personal trainer. Please contact your trainer for package pricing or Rosalinda at

Rate per session: $35 for 1 hour


Ages 18 and up

Members $25/Community Participants $50

Identify your body fat percentage versus your lean body mass using a caliper test to evaluate 7 sites of the body. Call Rosalinda for an appointment at 361-575-0511.