Leaving a Legacy

YMCA Heritage Club members are friends of the Y who are committed to preserving our heritage for years to come. Through their generous contributions, these people have given the YMCA of the Golden Crescent the means to maintain long-range financial stability, which ensures that our programs, traditions and mission will continue for future generations.

Naming the YMCA of the Golden Crescent as a beneficiary in your will, trust documents, bequests, or other instruments, provides long lasting support. Donors who choose to support the YMCA in this way become members of the YMCA Heritage Club. When you leave a legacy, you ensure the YMCA can fulfill its mission for generations to come.

We hope that you decide to be a part of the YMCA of the Golden Crescent Heritage Club, as we "Look Towards Our Future!"



Members of the Heritage Club are invited to the annual dinner where they learn about the good work their generous contributions make possible and receive current, informative articles to remain up to date regarding financial planning.



If you are considering joining our Heritage Club, please contact Cathy Hinojosa at chinojosa@ymcavictoria.org or call 361-575-0511. 

Heritage Club application and information